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Technology Solutions for Hotels!

Sustainable Mobility-as-a-Service 

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Why Us

Low upfront


Low upfront costs, no risk to your hotel.

Fast implementation

Service Management

Service, maintenance and insurance


No extra work for reception

Guests rent scooters
directly from App

Hotel´s marketing branding

The e-scooters are branded and display your hotel logo

Revenue for your Hotel

Increase your revenue with TECO´s profit sharing program

Increase your Revenue and provide modern Micromobility Solutions to your Guests

We provide a Mobility-as-a-Service
platform, Cliente App, Service and we share
the profit with your Hotel

Get TECO Mobility & Start a New
Revenue Stream, Your guests will Thank You.

Your Guests will Love it!

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TECO Mobility addressed the ECO mobility of the tourists that want to move in a sustainable way during their trips.

The easy, fun way for explore new places

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For Hotels that want to give guests
a special experience

The new way to explore the local scene.

Enhance your

amenity offerings

Stand out from competitors,
all around town

Give special coupons and gifts to guests and staff



How It Works

Micromobility for your Hotel!

The Smart Micromobility Solution.

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The easy, fun way to explore new places

The easy, fun way to explore
new places

A new, fun way to get
around town

An easy, affordable
transportation option

Create and Offer organized tours and special activities

Special deals and
benefits at local shops
and businesses

A great activity for all
ages to do together!

How to Get Started


Let us know about your objectives. Are you looking for or an alternative to cars? Or perhaps you are looking for a new income stream?


Our passionate team will design and deliver to your location a bespoke e-scooter fleet solution to meet your needs.

see the value

Our specialist support team, including a dedicated account manager and maintenance provider, will be sure to look after you.



Profit Sharing Model

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Private Branded Mobility


Always Available

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Always share the way and move accompanied with the best Partners to help with the technological solutions of TECO MOBILITY and Enjoy The Best Sustainable Mobility Experience for Tourist in Hotels & Resorts.

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